Winning RFP Proposals

Does your organization regularly participate in RFP solicitations?  What's your win rate?  Is it less than 50%?

If your organization works with public agencies (city, county, state, federal) or is expanding its market to larger customers, it's likely that your sales opportunities will require more and more Request for Proposal (RFP) proposals.  But participating in the RFP world has many challenges.  A single RFP proposal for a public entity can require hundreds of hours for production from your staff.  Wasting those resources on bids you will never have a chance to win or creating substandard proposals that will be rejected is only wasting your precious resources.

If your organization has to play in the RFP world, let the Rokay team work with you to:

  • Build a dedicated proposal development teamTNailSSProposals
  • Review your existing proposal strategies and recommend improvements
  • Define your proposal development processes including the establishment of a bid/no-bid determination process
  • Select and implement the right tools for effective, efficient proposal development

Our team has participated in hundreds of RFP solicitations, both as buyers and sellers.  Contact us today to improve your RFP process and get your win percentage up.

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