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Your competitors are impoving every day!  What are you doing to stay one (or two) steps ahead of them?  Have you always just figured it out on your own?  Where do you turn for expert software demo training?

Rokay Services Group has designed different packages to help you improve your organization's software demonstrations.  Whether it's a program review or an intense 1-on-1 mentoring engagement, working with Rokay consultants (who have experience conducting and reviewing hundreds of software demonstrations) is the best way to improve your sales team's software demonstrations.

Improving your demonstrations can give you a critical advantage over your competition.

And advantages like that lead to MORE SALES!

Choose from one of our Software Demo packages below or let's talk about something specific for your organization!



We work with your sales manager to understand your Software Demonstration foundation including the makeup of yourteam, the training program your demo specialists go through, and your overall demo strategy.  Components include:

Software Demo Foundation Survey

30-minute Conference Call with Rokay demonstration consultant

Access to Rokay Software Demo Improvement video series



Includes all INTRODUCTION package services.  In addition, Rokay consultants will watch your team conduct a full demonstration of your software* and provide feedback and suggestions for improvement.  Components include:

All INTRODUCTION package services

Interview Demo specialist before watching full demo

Watch full software demonstration

Provide demo improvement recommendations


* limit 4 hour demonstration



Includes all REVIEW AND RECOMMEND package services.  Additionally, Rokay consultants will work with one of your demo specialists for a period of 3 months to hone their skills and improve their software demonstrations  Components include:

All REVIEW AND RECOMMEND package services

Work with selection Demo Specialist for 3 months

Participate in at least 6 practice demos

Provide guidance for improvements in planning, preparing, and conducting demonstrations



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