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Are you prepared for what it takes to grow your sales team?

Most organizations start out with one sales person - the owner.  It's a big day when the first true sales person is hired.  An expanding sales team is a good problem to have.  

But a growing sales team requires more than just hiring.  You're suddenly going to need expertise in areas such as:

  • Commission plan design
  • Sales operations
  • Hiring and training your first sales manager
  • Sales reporting and defining the metrics that are critical to your organization
  • Effective and rapid on-boarding

If you don't have experience in growing and managing your sales team, your growth can suffer while you learn through trial-and-error.  

Talk to us.  Let us work with you to establlish the foundation for your sales team growth in one of the following areas.  

Sales Management

Do you have the expertise to manage a growing sales team?

 The time?  

The capacity?  

Rokay can assist in putting your sales management processes in place and coaching/mentoring your sales manager.


Sales Operations

Besides revenue, what metrics are you capturing and studying to manage your sales function?  Do you have a CRM?  Do you need a CRM?  How do you design commission plans to incent your sales team and achieve the goals you've set?  


Proposal Strategy and Tools

When is the last time you revamped your standard proposal format?  Is it current?  Does it entice your customers?  How much time does your team spend building a standard proposal?  Is it more than 5 minutes?  What about RFPs?  How much time do you waste just constructing the document?

Sales Presentation Evaluation

Your next $5million deal hinges on a team presentation.  If your formal presentations are a weak area, how do you improve?  Are the presentations structured correctly?  Are the individual presenters all ready for the pressure?  What steps are you taking to improve this weakness?


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