Sales Presentation Evaluation

Winning sales teams conduct a sales presentation evaluation BEFORE the presentation. They want every advantage top help them win.

Too often, losing sales teams only do a "post-mortem" to figure out what they did wrong AFTER they've lost the deal.

What about you?  Do you want to WIN the next $10 million deal, or will you settle for second place?

A Rokay Sales Presentation can quickly help you answer these questions:

  • What's our presentation strategy?
  • Is everyone a presentation rock star?  No? What do we do?
  • Who's the best presenter on the team? Why?
  • Who's the worst presenter?  Why?
  • Do the buyers trust us?
  • Do the buyers believe us?
  • Who's going to tell the VP of Sales that his wrap-up is not in line with our proposal? 
  • How can the individual team members improve fast?
  • Have we done everything we can to make sure this presentation is the best we can deliver?

Our presentation consulting services include:

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  • Overall team assessment across three areas
  • Individual speaker assessment in 18 areas across three classes
  • Assessment of the presentation strategy, structure, and flow
  • Action plan for:
    • performance improvements for each presentation team member
    • performance improvement of the entire team dynamic
    • improvements for the overall presentation




You've invested time and money in this deal.  To ensure that your team's presentation is as good as you can make it, contact us today.

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