About Us

Rokay Services Group, LLC provides focused business consulting services.  Whether we're executing a strategic project for a large customer or providing expert guidance and coaching to a small, emerging organization, our broad experience and sharp focus allows us to get the job done quickly.

Using expertise and skills developed over many years working for many organizations, it is our goal to first understand our clients' issues and then help them solve problems so that they can continue to grow and thrive. 

Some of our core competencies include:

  • Enterprise systems selection and implementation
  • Sales management mentoring and program design
  • Business proposal/RFP review and evaluations
  • Tactical marketing plan design and execution
  • Operational improvement
  • Sophisticated and strategic software application design
  • Product management process design and implementation

Why We Do What We Do

We've worked with enough consulting companies to know that we can do it better.  Today, it seems like consultants' main priority is to find more billable hours.  Not the Rokay team.  We want to understand the problem, address it, and get out.

We are problem-solvers.  We also have years of experience solving problems in many different types of organizations. 

But unlike consulting companies who offer just "advice", we like to get our hands dirty too.  We're not afraid to roll up our sleeves and jump in to help you solve your problems. 

We bring a focused set of skills and deliver real solutions to clients of all sizes.

We value:

  • Clear, direct, and frequent communication
  • Problem solving 
  • Designing and delivering solutions
  • Rapid delivery
  • Happy and satisfied clients who bring us back and refer us to their colleagues.

Contact Us

Call us:  (480) 489-4439
Email us:  info@rokayservices.com

P.O. Box 20006
Mesa, AZ  85277

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